Prime Property has served me well over the years both as landlord and a vendor. Felix Zeldin and his team are always professional and adopt a very personalised approach.

Their property management team is thorough and informative when prospecting tenants, and their sales team, headed by Felix, has a strong understanding of the market providing invaluable advice in achieving maximum sales result for your property.

I highly recommend them for any property transaction.

Mick Rees

As a tenant, you couldn’t ask for a better property management team. Melbourne Office is fabulous. Very personable, reliable and follow up when they say they will. If anything needed fixing, it was dealt with immediately.
I would recommend this property management team to anyone who is looking for someone to manage their property, or if you’re looking to find a rental for yourself. As an owner you’ll be guaranteed your place will be regularly inspected, and as a tenant the team will make sure the place is in good order. Better than any other rental agency I’ve ever dealt with.

Julie W.

I used PPPA to manage my investment property for 3 years and again to market and sell. My property sold quickly and I received the offer I was looking for. The campaign was great value for money and I was very happy with the service provided by Felix and the team.

Bronwyn Doughty

I’ve been renting with PPP for years and the last two agents I’ve dealt with have been top notch – friendly, prompt, responsive and open to suggestions.
Would definitely recommend.

Jake C.

For all your property needs,  please contact the company director – Felix Zeldin on 0433 22 88 96 or felix@pppa.com.au

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